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These accessible web design tips may be reproduced in a website, e-zine, CD-ROM, book, magazine, etc. so long as the biographical information below is included in full, including the link back to this website. Please e-mail Jim at jim@mcu.org.uk, before using the tips.

Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2004, by Jim Byrne. All rights reserved. Jim is a recognised authority on accessible web design, author of Making Websites Accessible (SAIF, 2002), and Accessible Web Typography (ScotConnect 2003). He was a founder member of the award winning, accessible web design consultancy established in 1996, 'The Making Connections Unit (http://www.mcu.com).

Contributed by Jim Byrne
Updated Thursday 15 May 2003

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I think that wired.com is not using any table. They are using only CSS ! COOL, Great tips. Thanks

James | Sun Oct 17 2004

yep is nice but using CSS instead of tables is a difficult job :o(

Video Avid | Wed Aug 11 2004

Nice idea, Thanks.

Mr. Grants | Thu Jun 24 2004

Great tips. Nice stuff. Thanks.

オンラӝ | Sun May 16 2004

You do a great job putting all this info together. Thanks a lot!

Designer Jane | Thu Apr 29 2004