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ScotDisInfo Mailing List

Hi, Welcome to the web site for the Scottish Disability Information Mailing List

A mailing list for exchange of information between disability information providers and for discussion of all issues relating to the collection and dissemination of disability related information.

Join the list to:

Don't feel you have to wait till you have a really difficult or 'intelligent sounding' question to ask before sending it to the list. All contributions are welcomed - nothing is too trivial for this list!

All not so serious contributions are also welcome! Hey, if you didn't laugh...

Your contributions can be 'off-topic', in other words it doesn't always have to be about your information work. It is a list for people working in the area of disability information - but not necessarily always about disability information.


Read help with mailing lists if you would like to know what a list is and how it works.

Administration and Archives

The list administrator is Jim Byrne ( ) who will answer any queries you have - e.g list policy and problems.

the Archives, list of members and further information (including web based subscription/removal) can be found on this web site:

If you decide to subscribe to the list please introduce yourself on the list ( a message saying a bit about yourself).

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website really
--Jim Mallow ( ) from Glasgow on 6/23/02; 1:20:19 PM


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