WordPress Development

27% of all websites in the world, which numbers almost 1.2 billion, are run using WordPress. Almost 60% of websites using content management systems (CMS) use WordPress. Without question, WordPress is the most popular website development and CMS software in the world, both in the open source and licensed categories.

WordPress’ popularity can be narrowed down to two major factors: its intuitive ease of use, and a large community of volunteers which churns out a regular stream of plugins that fulfils just about every need any webmaster could possibly dream of.

Even total newbies (and their grandmothers) can whip out a WordPress site in minutes. The shallow learning curve also encourages people to gradually develop their websites to include all the latest bells and whistles. And with a little expert help, businesses can use WordPress to create complex, beautiful and robust sites to market the products, services and brands.

Some detractors claim that WordPress sites are only meant for small companies and bloggers. Someone should really point out to them that iconic companies such as Walt Disney, The New York Times, CNN, Bloomberg, Sony Music and LinkedIn are all developed using WordPress.

At Mcu.org.uk, our web developers are WordPress wizards. We can create any type of website your desire, including thousand-product WooCommerce sites, or sleek, modern websites for stylish start-ups.

All our WordPress websites are built with customised themes with responsive design architecture. We also incorporate useful plugins to optimise your website for search engines and conversion, protect it from intruders and nasty malwares. We take extreme care to vet every single plugins that we use to ensure cross-compatibility and safeguard against potential vulnerabilities.

Beyond that, Mcu.org.uk commissions talented and experienced copywriters to generate engaging, keyword-sensitive content with strong call-to-actions for your website. We will also take the time to train your staff in the finer arts of maintaining the website.

If WordPress is your thing, then we’re the guys you should call.