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All websites are stored on hard drives on computers and servers. When browsers render websites on your desktop or phones, they are basically drawing data from computers or servers which host the files. Technically, even home computers can host websites. Realistically though, hardware constraints, location and internet speed may cause each webpage to take an hour to load.

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Unless your organization has a huge IT budget and a dedicated IT department, web hosting services offer the best hosting solution for your website. However, the web hosting market is a very crowded and competitive field, and it is filled with companies offering below-par services.

Mcu.org.uk is not a specialised a web hosting firm, but we make the effort to expand our services to hosting to ensure our clients have the option of a reliable and affordable web host.

So what are the primary criteria of a good web host?

  • Uptime: Servers will fail. Internet connectivity might turn dodgy. Power supply might get disrupted. In all instances, your website will go offline and customers will get an error message when they visit. Almost all web hosts offer above 99% uptime, but only a small number of them have failsafe and mirror facilities in place to handle unexpected downtimes. It takes a lot of experience to find these companies.
  • Disk Space and Bandwidth: Most web hosting companies claim to offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth for websites. In reality though, a large number, including many popular ones, are overselling their disk space and bandwidth and will inevitably throttle your website when it becomes too large or receives large spikes in traffic.
  • Location: While data centres take only a fraction of a second to transfer huge amounts of internet data, it can add up to a noticeable amount of time due to distance and peak user periods. An extra second load time might not seem much, but considering that customers typically spend eight seconds on websites before leaving, that reduces your conversion chances by 12.55! Come on, can you remember the irritation you felt that one time a few years ago when your browser took almost a minute to finish loading updates? It makes sense to select a web host with servers located at or near your target geographic region.

Naturally, there are other factors to consider when choosing a web host, but the three factors above will definitely set you on the right path.

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