Web Design and Development

At Mcu.org.uk, we offer professional website design creation services from the conception stage to full deployment. We use customised and ready-made CMS products to create static and interactive websites depending on the needs of our clients.

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Our web design and development life cycle is divided into six stages:

  • Information Gathering: The first stage entails extensive discussions with the customer to understand their brand and product, target audience and goals. Once this is established, we perform a research on the client’s niche and major competitors or competing products.
  • Mock-ups, Site Map and Wireframe: Our designers will prepare single page mock-ups of the proposed website using the client’s existing corporate identity (colours, font, etc.). A site map is created alongside a wireframe of the complete design to enable the client to have a visual image of the complete product and understand the navigational structure and traffic flow. We will also brief the client on the proposed programming language, database/CMS and customised solutions which will used. Changes, if any, are made based on the feedback of the client.
  • Layout, Content and Rich Media: A this stage, our designers will prepare mock-ups of the finished website/webpages. Copywritten content and rich media (images, videos, animations, etc.) will be sent to the client for approval. Changes, if any, are again made.
  • Coding: This stage will be dominated by our crack team of coders. The coders will be tasked with formulating the site’s framework and database based on the approved proposals from previous stages. Email accounts, analytics code and other monitoring tools are then created or installed. The finished website will subsequently be optimised for search engines and conversions.
  • Soft Launch, Stress Test and User Testing: The website goes on air, but only for a soft launch. This will give us the opportunity to test and stress test every single facet of the website based on a limited number of visitors. We will also solicit feedback on end-user experience.
  • Post Launch and Ongoing Maintenance: After handover, we will still continue to monitor the site for any bugs or errors and ensure timely updates of all software and plug-ins used.

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