There were 177,866,236 incidences of hacking for the year 2015, which lead to the exposure of, among others, the personal financial, health or even dating records of over 155 million people. Sophos Labs estimates about 30,000 websites are infected with malicious codes on any given day. Google quarantines more than 10,000 websites daily for inadvertent distribution of malware. Heck, in the United States, the Democratic National Committee was hacked by foreign hackers located thousands of miles away.

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If you’re feeling slightly paranoid about the security of your website, you’re not alone – more so if your website has an active customer database with financial information. At, we provide wide-ranging solutions and consultation to ensure the security of your website. We also offer recovery services for compromised websites.

Websites can be breached through one of the following three vectors:

  • User Access Control: Malicious actors gain access to user names and passwords through brute force attack, social engineering or phishing. As an example, John Podesta, the former chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, was the victim of an elaborate phishing scheme.
  • Third Party Plug-Ins and Modules: One of the drawbacks of open source software is that developers or contributors could install backdoor access which can be utilised before being discovered by other members of the software community. For instance, WordFence, one of the top WordPress security plugins, discovered that a popular redirecting plugin was injecting cloaked links to porn sites on 70,000 websites as part of a malicious link building campaign.
  • Software Vulnerabilities: The most common pathway here is poorly managed updates, which allows malicious actors to take advantage of known weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

All websites designed by us are subjected to a comprehensive and exhaustive security analysis before deployment, and as a precaution, our clients are briefed on best maintenance practices for their websites. Websites under our management are also subjected similar analyses at regular intervals.

If you are interested at securing your digital properties and learning about the latest security protocols, give us a call today.