Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a broad and expansive field used to help websites attract visitors organically by influencing search engine rankings.

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Can you imagine opening a new Italian restaurant, and not telling anyone about it, not putting up a signboard, not printing flyers and not getting a listing in the Yellow Pages? How would people know about your new restaurant, and where would you customers come from?

This unlikely real-world scenario is somewhat similar to websites which are not optimised for search engines. It is imperative for businesses, especially those involved in ecommerce, to implement a cohesive SEO strategy for their websites. Otherwise, their websites are just white elephants.

At, a one-stop web design UK agency, we develop tailor-made SEO strategies for our clients based on their niche, volume of business and current level of exposure.

Our strategies are centred on six key SEO tenets:

  • Technical Optimisation: This includes internal hierarchy, navigational structure, sitemaps, robots file, and Schema, tags and attributes compliance.
  • On-Page Optimisation: This entails accurate research of relevant keywords and key phrases (as well as density and distribution), high-quality and engaging content with effective call-to-action (CTA) prompts, optimised rich media (images, videos, animations, etc.) and positive user experience (UX) design.
  • Link Building: Backlink is the most powerful element in search engine algorithms. However, its effectiveness doesn’t merely lie in quantity. Instead, the quality of referring websites, anchor links relevance and accumulation velocity are also influential search signals.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media has the potential to generate a lot of high-quality, targeted traffic for websites. As such, social media marketing strategy must complement and be part of the overall SEO strategy.
  • Analytics and Conversion: We’ve covered this in greater detail in our range of services section. However, in brief, analytics tool provides data which can be used to fine-tune websites to increase conversion of goals.
  • Local SEO: Crucial for websites which aim to convert local off-line opportunities.

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