Drupal Development

Drupal, an open source content management system (CMS), lags behind WordPress with only a 2.5 percent share of the market. However, it is the favoured CMS solution for large multinational companies and major ecommerce sites owing to its flexibility, scalability and relative security. Whitehouse.gov, Twitter, The Independent, Warner Bros, Box.com and the Australian government are some of the more notable names from Drupal’s impressive user base.


At Mcu.org.uk, we take advantage of Drupal’s scalable functionality to develop enterprise-level CMS’ and web applications for clients seeking for more robust and secure solutions.

Why is Drupal considered the most secure CMS in the market? Unlike other CMS, Drupal’s modular core is not affected by third-party module expansions or overrides. Statistically, it offers unrivalled stability, especially for large and complicated databases.

Admittedly, Drupal has a sharper learning curve and lacks the user-friendliness of other popular CMS products. However, it has a richer admin interface, and together with the Access Control List (ACL) API, allows us to customise access and management tools to specific users. This reduces the chances of inexperienced users from attempting to perform any complex changes.

For extremely large websites or community forums, Drupal’s default caching features has also been shown to serve webpages faster compared to its competitors, with significantly lower incidences of bugs, errors or downtimes.

Another inherent advantage of using Drupal is the flexibility of creating pages with different layouts. This is particularly useful for websites with multiple landing pages or those which conduct frequent A/B and MV testing.

Despite its advantages, it is worth noting that while Drupal databases can be upgraded, its code needs to be rewritten. As such, upgrades to newer Drupal releases would require the involvement of an experienced programmer.

If you’re looking for a more robust and stable solution for your website, speak to us to find out if Drupal fits your needs.