Customer Relationship Management

Beneath the razzle dazzle and fancy jargons, customer relationship management (CRM) essentially boils down to managing your relationship with customers. Back in the old days, salesmen and account managers handle this-consuming part, with the assistance of your warehouse, accounts and service departments. However, with the advent of the INTERNET, we now have the technology and capability to manage thousands (even millions) of customers, orders, deliveries, after-sales services and much more using intuitive software which can be accessed by staff and customers alike from anywhere in the world, at all hours of the day.


CRM solutions tend to intimidate the uninitiated owing to their cost, upkeep and compulsory training. However, almost every business which makes the leap will quickly learn to appreciate the quick and easy access to data and vast reporting options available. Beyond that, backend operations such as invoicing, preparing quotations and cost benefit analysis becomes a breeze. Forecasting and inventory management, which can take days and weeks for large organisations, can now be completed in seconds. You can even provide access to banks and creditors to assess your business.

At, we are good at making your dreams come true. Our specialists conduct extensive discussions with all the departments in your company to understand your needs and business flow. Using this knowledge we craft CRM solutions that will streamline your business while enhancing your efficiency and reducing cost and staffing requirement.

Our CRM solutions are highly scalable, and can be built either as a standalone application with direct interfaces or as an extension of your digital properties. Depending on your preference, we can use either paid software from giants such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, or open-source solutions like CiviCRM or SugarCRM.

If you would like to take a bigger leap into the digital age and equip your website and business with a powerful CRM ally, give us a call today.