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Welcome to the New MCU Website

Monday, November 12, 2001

I have still got some work to do on this site; I need to check the HTML and Cascading Style Sheets using the W3c online checkers - and then fix any problems they throw up.

Currently I am looking for a word-processor I can use to organise all the material I have about building accessible Websites - with the idea of perhaps organising them into a book. So far I have come across Z-write, which looks promising and Thinker - a word-processor and outliner based on the hypertext ideas of Doug Engelbart back in the 1970's.

Up to this point I have been writing straight to the Web - which has proved to be great for gathering together Websites, fagments of text and ideas. But writing in a Web form has not turned out to be the easiest way to work - so I think it may be time to change.

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